Brunch: Pancakes and Crispy Bacon

My brother lives in Florida so I’ve visited quite a lot. Even though its an English speaking country the cuisine is not always to my taste. Mainly the size if anything.

The one thing Americans do well though is hearty breakfasts.

One of my favourite things is the salty sweet crispy bacon and American pancakes.

Bearing in mind pancakes in the U.S. are sweeter I decided to use the good old European pancake mix to keep it more breakfasty.

I have used half the mixture today and saved the rest for tomorrow.

Preparation – 5 minutes
Cooking – 10 minutes (for all 6 pancakes)


– 110g sieved plain flour
– pinch salt
– 2 eggs
– 200mls milk mixed with 75mls water
– 6 slices streaky bacon
– butter


1) Put flour and salt in mixing bowl and create a well to crack the eggs in to


2) Mix the eggs in to flour and little by little add the milk/water mixture, use a fork or whisk to make sure the lumps go


3) Cook bacon in a little butter in a frying pan.

4) Take a ladle of pancake mixture and slowly put on frying pan (I used my griddle) that has a little butter melted in it. Turn pancakes once the top is no longer liquid to cook other side.


5) Once pancakes done pile on plate, add knob of butter and bacon.

6) You can add maple syrup, honey or sugar to make it sweeter.



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